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Why adoption?

Going back over photo sessions for Band of Angels, one finds a significant and revealing number of adopted children. It isn't just the children with Down syndrome; in some cases, the child with Down syndrome is the child of his/her birth parents but the siblings are adopted. In other cases, it is the child with Down syndrome who has been adopted. It led me to the very unscientific conclusion that there is some kind of openness and sharing that many of these parents possess. 

There are many reasons parents choose to allow their child to be adopted and each of those choices should be honored. I have so many friends with adopted children and rarely think about that as being noble, difficult or even recognizable. And yet, for those in the tenuous time in life when they must determine their child's future, it is reassuring to know that these incredible parents exist; longing for a baby and wanting to share their famly with one more special person. Parenthood carries absolutely no guarantees, and adopted children are no different. But as I look over the tremenous people I have met over the years, I wanted to be sure that every parent facing hard choices about carrying their baby to term or ending their pregnancy be aware of the other choice.  Adoption: the other Option!


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