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Why do people want to adopt a child with Down syndrome?

Just like all adoptive parents, people have many reasons for choosing to adopt a child with Down syndrome. People who teach and have had rewarding experiences with children with Down syndrome may want to raise a child. For others, it is their religious convictions which direct them. For some, it is the shortened waiting time that some agencies have for adopting a child with a known disability. My experience has indicated that adoptive parents are deeply invested in what their child can be. They help them live to their fullest potential. 

Parenting is such a huge commitment and clearly, those who chose to adopt put some extra thought into it. Reviewing the stories here at Band of Angels, there are as many reasons to adopt as children to be adopted. Personally, I am touched to the core by both sides of the adoption equation. People truly love their child enough to bring the baby into the world and share their child with loving parents. I imagine adoptive parents as being very unconditional in their love; but then, I like to think all parents are!

When you look at Band of Angels products, know that about 20% of the children we photograph have been adopted; some with Down syndrome, some not. One year, we had 8 children in the Beautiful Faces calendar who were adopted. And so, as a mother who has no first hand experience with adoption, it has surrounded me in  such a way that I decided Band of Angels must be more active in the attempt to put children, parents and money together. We will provide links to adoption agencies as we learn of them; please send us your thoughts and experiences. 

And for a big grin, take a look at 2007 cover girl, Gracie. Adopted from Guatemala by parents who initially claimed to be "too old" to take care of her, she has sparkled from the moment they all met. And her parents get younger with each passing Gracie year!



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