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Support Group: Arkansas Down Syndrome Association

Arkansas Down Syndrome Association
Suzanne Hicks
9800 Vinson Court
Little Rock, Arkansas, US
Phone Numbers & Website
Fax: (501) 225-3596
Office: (501) 223-3696
Support Group Description
Our organization began in 2004 with the goal of providing more comprehensive health care for children with DS as they grew into adulthood. We obtained a doctor (board certified in general practice and genetics) who began seeing patients in 2005. The Genetics Clinic -the largest part of which is for Down syndrome- opened at UAMS in 2009.
ADSA strives to increase the quality of life for persons with DS by increasing awareness, providing education and introducing opportunities for parents and providers to communicate regarding health needs. We sponsor an annual health conference, a quarterly newsletter, and an annual "Gettin' Down for Down Syndrome" dance at the Little Rock Zoo.
Having reached our primary goal, we are trying to do more for younger families. We have a "New Mother's Luncheon" in the spring and are providing information packets to new families.