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In Memoriam Gallery

At Band of Angels, we understand that far too many families have faced the tragedy of losing a loved one. However, we also know these loved ones are never forgotten. We welcome you to preserve their memory here with your favorite photo.

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My sweet baby cousin Levi came into this world on March 18th, 2009. He was a wonderful little man and truly a gift from God. On September 28th, 2011, he went to Heaven to meet his Father. Levi touched so many lives all over the world and he continues to do so every single day. I love you and miss you cutie. You were a blessing to everyone. <3

My baby sister, Lisa King, became a gift from God to our family and my personal angel to watch over me on 3/6/1966. This precious angel then got her wings on 11/28/2010. She left the world a much better place. She taught so many that we need to slow down and to love and appreciate everything and everyone. She was an excellent teacher. What a blessing you have been, baby girl. I couldn't imagine ever being without you. Now that it's a reality, I find it hard to go on. You were my sunshine.

Robin Lynn Freeland 1966 - 2011 Tragically taken from us with a cerebral aneurism. Our sweet little Robin bird is now looking down from heaven with that sweet little smile!! We loved her more than anything, and she was what we called "Perfect and Pure'"


Our sweet sugarboo 9/10/2009-2/14/2010. Can't wait to hold her again in Glory. Miss her so much. She was so pretty and had the best little personality. She loved to snuggle. God is good, all the time. Give her a kiss for me Jesus and tell her I miss her.

Glennys Fraser at about 17 years old... How beautiful she was!

This is my Aunt Renee who passed away at 41 March 4,2007 of pancreatic cancer. She was a blessing to my family and we enjoyed her so much. I know she is in heaven right now watching over us. I also know that she helped me in my decision to go back to school so I can help others with DS. God Bless you Renee Ann Pellegrino!

Glennys Lorraine Fraser October 5, 1952 to January 27, 2007

Our beautiful Alison came into our lives in 1996. She was a neighbor who became our third child. Ali Baba gave us years of joy and happiness. We learned so many life lessons under her tutelage. Because of her influence, our son, Ryan is a nurse & our daughter, Stephanie is a case manager, getting evaluations and services for children with delays or other developmental issues. She hopes to have a group home one day. We have learned that parents need to plan because your children may outlive you.

Our little Natalie May was only with us for 22 days. She had so many obstacles to overcome. One of which was Down syndrome. We were hoping she could get well enough to take on the Down syndrome. She never made it out of the hospital and only a few people even got to see her pretty eyes. There was so many friends and family praying for her. We even set up a website to keep people updated. In those three weeks, the website got 1500 hits. That's how special she was.

Former Long Beach resident, Robert (Bob) Kidder, passed away November 1, 2008 in Calimesa, CA. He was preceded in death by his wife, Brenda, in 1991. He is survived by his children, Earl, Robert, Chuck, Kathy, Jim and Bill; his many grand and great grand children, and the second love of his life, Vivian Wasner. After retiring from the Navy, Bob worked at Douglas Aircraft for 31 years. He retired to care for Brenda who was suffering from Alzheimer’s. Bob was Jordan Kidder’s grandpa.

In loving memory of Natalie May Sims From P. Joy Kost

Our precious son Aidan Andrew Torres Left us and fly to heaven on June 6th 2008 he was 8months and two days old. He had a common birth defect that many babies with down syndrome have called cavsd. He was and always will be the light of our lifes. His smile melted hearts all over and he will always be forever in our hearts. Until we meet again Aidan we love you

Chelsea Christine Sherrill 9/4/02 - 9/29/03 Our baby lived one full year here with us. Now she lives with Jesus and someday I will hold that sweet girl and kiss her little face again. I think of her everyday and my life is forever changed because of her. It is an honor to be her mom. She was born with a heart defect. Jennifer & Bruce - Indiana

This is my Sean on Easter two days after surgery for a micro colon. He had down syndrome and many health compliactions from birth. He grew his wings and became an angel on June 2,2008 he was three months and 5 days old. He had pulmonary hypertension and his little lungs gave out but he was such a little fighter.

This is our beloved Chelle (Michelle). She passed away May 3, 2008 and is missed very much by her loving family.

This is my son, Kayd. He lived 24 hours and went to be an angel with the Lord.

In loving memory of Aaron L. Baker 1/24/2005 - 6/28/2008

Lily Claire Domagala 5/11/2002 - 9/12/2003

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