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Great Achievers

2006 Scholarship Winner: Tobias Wolf

Tuesday, June 6, 2006 @ 12:53 PM
Tobias Wolf was born in Germany where he lived for many years. Since then, he has moved to Vashon, Washington where he learned English. Tobias graduated from Vashon High School in 2000. He has worked in a plant nursery, a grocery store, as well as the kitchens at Vashon High School. Tobias aspires to be a teacher’s aide in order to help kids with disabilities in Germany learn English.

Congratulations Tobias!

My name is Tobias Wolf. I was born in Munich. Munich is a city in Germany. I went to school in Germany 11 years. The first years from 1987 to 1992 was the Montessori Elementary School. The years from 1992 until 1997 I was in the Montessori Main School. Later from 1997 to 1998 I went to a boarding school. IT was a gardening class at this school. This was the time, all the years, when I was speaking only German.

And now I will come to Vashon. Vashon is an island close to Seattle, WA in the United States of America. I started 1998 Vashon High School. At this time I started to speak English. All my school friends on Vashon speaking only English. I speak with my teacher in English, too. He speaks a little German.

I learned about John F. Kennedy. He was the president of the United States. I learned it in my class from a book. I copied the book, and each page I learned. One page after another. The words I couldn’t understand I circled on each page, and I made word cards, the yellow for English, and the green ones for German. When all the papers and the cards were done I had my book report in my class. That was my report “The Life of John F. Kennedy”.

In the second of my Vashon school years I was working in Thriftway on Vashon. I would clean off the dust from the shelves, and would pack up the groceries for the costumers, and would take the groceries to the customers’ car. I was speaking English with my colleagues and customers.

I also started working at the Colvos Creek Nursery. It is a plant nursery. I was weeding the plants, and dead plants I was dumping out to make a pile for compost. Sometime I talked about the news on the newspaper of my boss Mike Lee. We talked in English.

Later I was working in the Vashon High School. I was working in the kitchen. I was laying out on each tray the pizzas, chicken paddies, corn dogs, and special cookies for the graduaters. Maybe for our five women were working in the kitchen. We talked about music and listened to the radio. It was English.

My graduation from Vashon High School was in the year of 2000. My feeling was great. I was wearing my gown and my hat with a tassel. It was very exciting. My goal was to learn English, and I made it while I was in Vashon High School. This was my greatest achievement.
Tobias Wolf

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