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Great Achievers

2006 Scholarship Winner: Audrey Basford

Tuesday, June 6, 2006 @ 3:48 PM
Audrey Basford is currently pursuing a degree in science at Southern State Community College in Sardina, Ohio. She is a very determined woman who works diligently to attain her goals.

Congratulations Audrey!

Hi, my name is (Audrey) Katie Basford. I am a 27 year old woman. I attend Southern State Community College. It is a small campus near Fincastle, Ohio. I study hard so I can get my education. Why? Because I have a goal to get my associates degree in science. My goal is to one day work in a laboratory as a biologist. DNA sequencing and the thought of working with test tubes and chemicals interest me.

I found out that I loved science while going to Southern State Community College. I found out when I took some science courses. Some people thought the courses would be too hard for me. I studied a lot. I made good grades in my sciences courses and other courses.

I am almost finished with my associates degree. I only have a few more classes to go. The classes I have left are hard courses.

If I receive this scholarship it will help me pay for my classes. Also, I don't drive and I have to pay someone to drive me to college. The scholarship will help me with transportation. My books are expensive and I can use it to pay for my books. The last book I bought cost $125.00. Also, I have to pay for the extra tutoring I need to do well in my studies. This scholarship will help me reach my dreams.

Audrey K. Basford

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