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Great Achievers

2006 Scholarship Winner: Allissa Brandell

Tuesday, June 6, 2006 @ 12:28 PM
Allissa Brandell is currently in her second year in the PACE program and National Louis University in Illinois where she is training to be a nursing assistant She is confident she can handle an independent life after living in a dorm and mastering the public transportation system. Allissa has worked to change expectations of people with Down syndrome and is hopeful for the future.

Congratulations Allissa!

I want to earn a degree that will help me get a good job. Before I go to school to earn a degree from college, I need to know that I can live on my own. I know I can now, after living at National Louis in the dorm for the past year. I go to work using public transportation and have worked in childcare and at the hospital. I want to be a nursing assistant or massage therapist, so I will take a college course at Oakton Community College this summer.

I want to have a life filled with a good job, good home, and love. I cannot get these things without school. I want to live on my own...this is the most important thing to me. I will also continue to teach the world about all the things people with Down syndrome can far, there is nothing I have not been able to do. God did bless me. I am so thankful for that....the only difference is one little chromosome....but it makes me who I am....Allissa Brandell.

I have won the Vicariate Leadership Award for Service and Social Justice, The Rotary Award for Service, and the John F. Kennedy Award for Courage from my high school for changing expectations for people with Down Syndrome. This is really important. The world needs to raise their acceptance and expectations of all people with Down syndrome. I want to be an example.

I want the same as my best friends...a successful, happy independent life.

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