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Great Achievers

2006 Scholarship Winner: Amy Garcia

Tuesday, June 6, 2006 @ 12:03 PM
Amy Garcia graduated last year with honors from Ranum High School with a regular diploma. She was a member of the Ranum Girl’s Swim Team for four years and recieved the Skyline League’s Swimmer of the Year award, as well. In the fall, Amy will attend Eastern New Mexico University where she will live in a dorm and is thinking of participating in the Food Services Certificate Program.

Congratulations Amy!

My greatest achievement, by Amy M. Garcia

In Middle School I Amy Marie Garcia was in eighth grade and excited to be going to high school I could hardly wait so I set my goal to graduate from Ranum High School with honors like my brother Danny did. I had a really good Special-Ed teacher at Scott Carpenter Middle School, Ms Davison. Ms Davison helped with my home work in language arts, science and history and if I didn't get everything done at school she would send the transparencies that she used in class home with me. I repeated the same kind of courses throughout Middle School only with different teachers. Ms Davison helped me and the same group of students with our studies through out the three years of Middle School.

When I first arrived at Ranum High School I knew I had to get familiar with the building and getting around. In 9th grade I started in some really good Regular-Ed classes, I had no clue I was in a regular Math class and it was real hard so I went and saw Mrs. Walker the Special-Ed Math teacher. Even though I was in other Regular-Ed classes I still did really hard work in Mrs. Walker's math class. I took US History, Communication Skills, Choir and I also joined the Ranum Girl's Swim Team. I swam all four years.

In the first semester of 10th grade I also took Spanish and my mom and dad asked if there would be a chance that I could get a diploma instead of a certificate of attendance when I finished High School. Since I had taken mostly Regular-Ed classes I had earned enough credits so if I kept it up I could earn a regular diploma, all my teachers were proud of me for getting to this point. The work I had to do was really hard and I had lots of homework to do with the help from my parents. My mom got a job at Ranum as a teacher's aid and was always around to help and make sure that all my work was done.

In the 11th grade I had to take Science, I needed to take it for 2 years. My 1st year Science teacher was Mr. Childress and I found it a little easy we studied about the water cycle, human anatomy how cells are different between humans and plants. This was also my 3rd year of Swimming which took a lot of time starting in October until February.

In my Senior year of High School I still took Communication Skills with a new teacher and that's also when I started taking Senior Seminar. Senior Seminar is required to graduate, we had to choose a topic and I chose "Good and Evil". My teacher Mr. Belnay had us read such books as: First They Killed My Father by Loung Ung, Dracula by Bram Stoker, and The Beach by Alex Garland. I would read some at school and read again at home where my mom would read to me. She was helping the other kids at school as well. Mr. Belnay was one of my favorite teachers and had the class write a paper on what ever subject we wanted for our final presentation, I wrote about a vacation I took with my family to Cozumel and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Then in May of 2005 I graduated with a 3.5 grade point average and just like by brother I graduated with honors, I also received The Skyline League's Swimmer of the Year award. This is my greatest achievement.

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