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Have You Ever Seen An Angel?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008 @ 10:34 AM
Many of us think of Angels and the thought that comes to mind is generally a female dressed in a white flowing gown, with golden hair, perfect skin and wings; let’s not forget the wings.  The Angel glow is important too, they all seem to glow.  Perfection.   Our thoughts then turn to the Angels themselves:  Can they help us?  Can they keep us safe? Sometimes we think about loved ones that we’ve lost and we place them in the Angel role.  Maybe we seek their guidance or protection and talk to them in our own special way? None of this is bad or strange --- we’ve been conditioned to think like this and we accept it.  But I tend to think that we’re missing something.  Might it be our job to do the guiding, the protecting?  Perhaps the helping should be coming from us?  What if it’s our job to keep the Angels safe?  I imagine we have plenty of Angels right here on earth; walking around with us, listening to us, offering us opportunities to learn and grow and love.  I know I do… My Angel’s name is Danny, Dan as he likes to be called.  To begin with – he isn’t a girl and he doesn’t own anything that flows!  His hair isn’t golden -- unless you count the gray that has begun to creep in.  He doesn’t have perfect skin either and the wings are a “no” as well.  He’s not perfect, but it’s definite that he’s an Angel. Danny is my younger brother, he’s been my brother for 44 years.  In all that time, he’s never given anything and expected something in return.  He’s never lost his temper and hurt anyone with unkind words, and he’s never told a lie; that I know of.  He’s never stolen anything (except for my heart) and he’s never made an enemy of anyone in his life.  I know that there are a multitude of things that Danny hasn’t done, or isn’t capable of doing but he doesn’t seem to mind.  He doesn’t seem to miss those things.  He has an air of grace about him, a gentleness of heart.  He is subservient to life and to God’s Will.  I have learned many things from Dan and I am still learning at my age.   I have learned how to be grateful, and patient and quiet.  I have learned to appreciate things others sometimes take for granted.  The ability to read, to work, to solve a problem…  Dan taught me how to look past imperfections.  He taught me to do what is right just because.  He taught me to see the beauty in whatever is before my eyes and to stop and rest because I am tired.  He taught me how a family is supposed to behave, to help one another, to love and support one another and enjoy the times that we share.  He taught me to move on with living when someone we love dies and to be thankful they were part of our lives.  He taught me that life isn’t difficult unless we make it that way.  He taught me to give.   So the next time you see someone with those beautiful almond shaped eyes and a flat bridge to their nose; look deep into that person’s heart, their soul.  Pay attention to the arms that might be outstretched, waiting to offer you a simple hug of kindness…   

And don’t be alarmed…you’ve just seen an Angel.

By Sherry J. Doran

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