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Brothers & Sisters

Lexy Girl!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007 @ 3:18 PM
Hi, my name is Gavin Butler and I live in Connecticut. I have twin 16 month old brothers, named Colin and Zachary and a 4 month old sister, named Alexis. Alexis is the one who has Down Syndrome in my family. I call her Lexy Girl. She is a very healthy little girl, and is a lot of fun. She giggles and smiles already. When you clap her hands, she giggles like crazy. It is so much fun to watch her laugh!

She also has a beautiful, little dimple on the side of her mouth when she smiles. My brothers, Colin and Zachary, love to see her when she is awake. They are very gentle with her. She loves being around the family.
Alexis has a very busy life with therapists that come to visit her at our home from time to time. They play with her and have fun with her. They help her learn how to roll over and lay on her tummy. I am thankful that she has been given to our family!

~Gavin Butler, age 8

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