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Brothers & Sisters

Madison Shemansky

Saturday, October 8, 2005 @ 3:13 PM
This letter is about my 5-year-old brother, Cameron. He has Down syndrome. My name is Madison Shemansky. I am Cameron's big sister. I am 7 and live in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.
In the summer, we go in the pool and Cameron and I splash and he says "Ready, set, go!" and I go underwater. When I reach the end of the pool, he claps and congratulates me.
Cameron always says the opposite of what you say. For example, if i say the water is hot, he will say the water is cold.
He makes me laugh when he says "I'm going to call China." He is the best brother in the universe. I love when he tickles me. I also love when he memorizes Sponge Bob episodes and does them for me. He is very funny when he tries to say the rhyme Peter Piper.
I love Cameron. I love when Cameron copies me, but sometimes it gets me a little angry. Cameron makes me laugh when he dances to crazy music. Cameron does very funny cartwheels. Sometimes he tries to do somersaults. Cameron is the best!
~Maddy Shemansky, 7 1/2.

This letter was written by my daughter, Madison. She wrote it all by herself without any help from me. She loves her brother and thinks he's a lot of fun.
The comment about him calling CHina is funny. He likes to play with the phone, and I tell him not to play with it or he'll end up calling China. Now he picks up the phone and says "Mom, look! I'm gonna call China!"
Sincerely, Jodi-Lyn Shemansky.

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