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Brothers & Sisters

Hannah Palandri

Saturday, June 4, 2005 @ 2:05 PM
I know first-hand how much fun summer can be. I am 15 years old, and my 19 year old sister has Down syndrome. This is my story of one of those fun times.
This story takes place a couple of summers ago. For this summer’s vacation, my mom had taken us to one of the fanciest family resorts in Arizona. The resort had three large swimming pools and one of these pools had a 60 foot slide. My sisters and I were having a great time. (my sister Amanda, now 18, Jenna, and myself) We rode the slide over and over, playing with the water toys we had brought, and once in a while we would go get an iced drink. However, after awhile Amanda stopped playing with us to go tan on the chairs, a typical thing for a girl in middle school. Well, I still wanted to swim, but I hate playing by myself, so my vacation was just about ruined, but then Jenna asks me to go for a swim with her. She saved my day. Later on Amanda decides she wants to play with us again, so we all went to shoot hoops. But you see why I say kids who have Down syndrome make great times. While Amanda was tanning, I still wanted to have fun, and Jenna was just the kid to be with. So now you know that when you’re around kids with Down syndrome, you’re bound to have fun times.

Submitted by Hannah Palandri, younger sister of Jenna Palandri

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