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Brothers & Sisters

My unique little sister(:

Thursday, March 8, 2012 @ 9:25 AM

I'm 14 and people call me Cat. Two years ago my mom had Gemma but the whole time mom was pregnant the doctors never said she had down syndrome.

Three weeks after she had been born she had open heart surgery and about a month later she had a pacemaker put in. The doctors said she wouldnt be as smart as a 'normal child' and she wouldnt be walking till she was at least 3 or sit up till she was 2.

Shes been walking for a year now and shes very smart. She loves to be read to and run around chasing people. All my life I never really thought about down syndrome or thought I'd love a kid with down syndrome so much. Gemma's a sweet little sister and acouple of weeks ago she became a great big sister too. She now has 6 brothers and sisters who love her very much. She's learning to talk now but most of the time she uses sign language. Shes learning faster than the doctors said she would and shes smarter than they said she would be.

She is a 'normal baby' but with a disability. It doesnt make her stupid it just makes her unique.

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