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Brothers & Sisters

Hello, I’m Harper Kidder, son of the esteemed Cynthia Hutchison, who’s Web site you are currently visiting. I am the middle son. I am not Jordan, the famous one, who is quite possibly hanging on your wall in calendar form. But it’s Jordan that this is all about. Well, it’s not quite about him yet. But it’s going to be.

This is the introduction of a column I’ll be putting out monthly right here on the Band of Angels website. This is a column about being a sibling of a person with Down Syndrome. It will be written by siblings, edited by siblings, and hopefully read by siblings. I won’t be writing it all the time though. I cordially request all siblings of kids with DS to write an article and send it to me. This ensures a variety of perspectives. I can only write from the perspective of a guy with a brother. I don’t know if it’s any different being a sister, or having a sister.

So any sibling with something to share, please send an article of any length either hardcopy to my home, at 3048 Charlwood Dr, Rochester Hills, MI 48306, or via email to Also include please a snapshot of yourself, so we can post it at the top of your article like they do in the newspaper.

I will be the editor or whatnot of the column, which basically means if there are any typos or such, I’ll correct them and send it back to you for approval. It’s your article though, so if you want something a certain way I’ll probably let it slide. If you send something and its not on the site when we change articles, that’s just because we’ve got things backed up, and we’ll have yours up as soon as possible. I look forward to the success of this column and to hearing from lots of kids. Peace, Harper Kidder.