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Angel Gallery

Band of Angels created this space for you to share your beautiful child with us and all our viewers. Once your child's photo is posted, please direct your family and friends to the site to see your angel! Click here to submit your favorite photo!

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Auntie Mad with Baby Karsyn!

This face is what keeps me going. When I had him I was 18 and did not know before my emergency C-Section that he had anything wrong with him. It took me 3 days in the hospital of crying and a very helpful talk from my mother to finally get past the diagnosis and see the beautiful human being that I had part in bringing to this world! Brendon is my tiny terror but the happiest terror and I wouldn't change him for the world

This is Brendon, born July 28, 2009, I am mom, Brianne. This picture was taken on his first field trip with his developmental preschool at the Apple Orchard

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