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Judo Camp 2011

Band of Angels is committed to inclusive fitness programs for individuals with Down syndrome and other cognitive impairments. We provide opportunities to acquire skills that last long after the training program.

This year, we are working towards offering Judo training in Southeast Michigan. This program will be available to persons with cognitive disabilities in addition to their friends and siblings providing an inclusive camp experience.

In the process of developing this program, we have learned a great deal about Judo and are convinced it will be a wonderful way to provide lasting skills and relationships. Judo is many things to different people. It is a fun sport, an art, a discipline, a recreational or social activity, a fitness program, a means of self-defense, and a way of life. Judo also stresses balance, timing, conditioning and cooperation with a partner.

Once the student has completed Judo camp, there will be instructors and facility arrangements in place for year round training.

Program Objective

Provide a safe, secure, fun and lifelong physical exercise with modifications for persons with special needs.

Specifically, the camp will provide:

  • The opportunity for physical exercise
  • Improve balance
  • Learn how to fall safely
  • Provide discipline
  • Teach basic judo drills and skills; for both sport and practical self defense


Steve DeRaedt is an accredited instructor of judo and 5th degree black belt. He will be assisted by 3 judo teachers along with a special education teacher who is also a personal trainer. Judo students and volunteers will be in attendance to assist and demonstrate.

Judo Program Details

  • Who: Boys and girls ages 10 to adult
              Siblings and friends encouraged to attend together
  • When: Fall Dates To Be Determined
              If you are looking for a summer program, check out the Troy Judo Club.
  • Where: Oakland Training Center
              1855 Northfield Drive, Rochester Hills, MI 48309
  • Cost: $125 - Includes robe (gi) and two belts.

Registration Information

Please check back later this summer as we work towards determine dates for Judo Camp this fall and registration information.