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Jobs for Individuals with Disabilities

Band of Angels Job Placement

Since 1995, Band of Angels' goal has been to improve the quality of life for persons with Down syndrome and other disabilities. We have begun actively pursuing employment opportunities to help those with challenges to fully participate in competitive employment.

For applicants, please learn more about the process below and use the link to the right to submit your info and, optionally, your résumé.

For employers, please use the link to the right to submit your company information.

Applicant Process

Step 1: Post your Listing

Listing will be reviewed and modified if needed. Band of Angels will direct employers to the website to see possible applicants.

Step 2: Job Readiness Interview

Band of Angels' team member will schedule an interview that could include:

  • Skill set analysis
  • Review of transition plan or IEP
  • Discussion of preferred work environments
  • Overview of transportation responsibilities
  • Formal interview preparation

Step 3: Job Placement and Suitability Interview

While there are no guarantees, if placed into a job, the following will occur:

  • Band of Angels will monitor your progress and confirm suitability for job.
  • Band of Angels will conduct follow up interview with employer within first month of employment.
  • Band of Angels may recommend third party resources for assistance as determined between employer and Band of Angels.

Please note: By signing up for this service, you are giving Band of Angels permission to represent you to potential employers.


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